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RSS-2000 Electric Finger Wedge

Performance for the 21st Century

Electric vehicle Wedge Barrier

Highly secure and reliable. The world's most advanced barrier.

RSSI introduced the first all-electric vehicle barrier over a decade ago. And the design philosophy remains the same in all of our products: all-weather performance, high reliability, low maintenance and superior overall value.

Electric vehicle Wedge Barrier

Low Maintenance

Forget fluid changes, leaky hoses, and accumulator pumps. With just one electric motor, there are fewer things that can go wrong. That translates to less maintenance and service over time.

Electric vehicle Wedge Barrier - crash test

K12 and M50

Compliance is never an issue with RSSI. We meet or exceed every category of the DOS K12 and ASTM M50 standard; have over 500 units in the ground; and, over a decade of experience with all-electric barriers.

Electric vehicle Wedge Barrier installation

Installation is a snap.

You'll save $1000s in installation costs. Every barrier ships fully assembled and pre-tested. In just a day or two, your barrier can be fully operational.

The RSSI all-Electric vehicle Wedge Barrier works in all weather conditions

All weather.

Properly configured, RSSI barriers can operate in extreme hot and cold conditions. More than half of all RSSI customers operate our barriers in temperatures well below freezing in winter.
The RSSI all-Electric vehicle Wedge Barrier  - snowplow friendly

Snowplow friendly.

In the "DOWN" position, the barrier is completely flush with the roadway and will not damage tires, snowplows, sweeping machines, etc.

RSSI Barriers Look Almost As Good As They Perform.

he RSSI all-Electric vehicle Wedge Barrier
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