Bollard – RSS M50B

RSS-M50B Fixed Bollard

Barrier Height: 42″



The M50B is crash tested and certified M50 P2 by an independent ISO 9001 accredited laboratory. During the test, the barrier easily stopped a 15,000 pound vehicle traveling 50 miles per hour.

 Easy Installation

Each bollard ships pre-assembled and totally self-contained from the factory. Bollards are fabricated with the installer in mind. No additional rebar is required, just dig, set, and pour.

 Aesthetic Flexibility

The bollards come standard hot dipped galvanized. Additional options include: Stainless Steel Sleeves, 10″ Decorative Bollard Sleeves, Powder Coated Any RAL Color, and Custom Vinyl Wraps.

 Technical Specifications

Barrier Height 42” Above Grade
Weight Each bollard assembly weighs 1405 lbs
Certified Crash Rating ASTM M50 P2
Bollard Spacing 4′ on center
Foundation 16′ L x 4′ W x 3′ H
Test Configuation Array of 3 Bollards

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M50B 01

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