Airport Access Denial

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Military air operations bases and civil airports are often located near or adjacent to public roads where accidental incursion or deliberate attack by vehicles poses a serious threat. RSSI Barrier’s RSS-2015 Cable Trap has been specifically designed to counter this threat with M40 P2 certified defense for runways, taxiways and hardstands. This system is particularly suited to integrate the taxiway gaps between Passive Cable Systems on fences at military airbases and civilian airports where Foreign Object Damage (FOD) and ground maintenance are important concerns.

RSSI Barriers’ RSS-2015 Cable Trap is the only active cable barrier included in the U.S. Department of Defense’s Anti-Ram Vehicle Barrier List.

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RSSI Advantages

  • Full PLC Integration
  • Manage Over TCP/IP
  • Futureproof
  • Dept. of State & ASTM Rated
  • Reliability Far Exceeding Hydraulic
  • Low Maintenance & TCO
  • Best Customer Support in the Industry

RSSI Solutions

  • Perimeter Defense / Final Denial
  • Traffic Management
  • Automated Access Control
  • Parking Control
  • Runway / Taxiway Control
  • Mobile / Hasty Defense
  • Piers and Port Facilities
  • Power Stations and Dams
  • Critical Infrastructure

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