Infrastructure Solutions

RSSI barriers protect critical infrastructure from unauthorized access, accidental intrusion, and determined attacks. Our barriers are currently protecting and securing public water supply systems, scientific research centers, public transportation systems, currently protecting pipelines, refineries, LNG plants, dams, generating stations and nuclear power plants throughout the United States.

From controlling a single lane of traffic, to protecting spans as long as 1,000 feet, RSSI barriers reliably stop incursions and attacks with crash-rated strength and the ability to defend against a determined follow-on attack.

RSSI barriers operate reliably in demanding environmental conditions. Our wedge and cable trap barriers mount flush with the road surface allowing sweeper vehicles and snowplows to maintain the surface.

RSS-2000 Finger Wedge barriers are ideal for maintaining security and controlling traffic where reliability and low maintenance are key to unobstructed routine access of authorized employees and visitors. The RSS-2000 is ideal for controlling traffic flow and access to refineries, power stations and storage farms where the perimeter’s point of highest vulnerability is where heavy vehicles enter and exit the facility.

From public drinking water supplies to sports arenas, RSSI barriers are protecting key infrastructure throughout the world. RSSI barrier users within the energy sector include ConEdison, BP, Chevron, Exxon, Marathon and Shell.

RSSI Advantages

  • Full PLC Integration
  • Manage Over TCP/IP
  • Futureproof
  • Dept. of State & ASTM Rated
  • Reliability Far Exceeding Hydraulic
  • Low Maintenance & TCO
  • Best Customer Support in the Industry

RSSI Solutions

  • Perimeter Defense / Final Denial
  • Traffic Management
  • Automated Access Control
  • Parking Control
  • Runway / Taxiway Control
  • Mobile / Hasty Defense
  • Piers and Port Facilities
  • Power Stations and Dams
  • Critical Infrastructure

Who Uses RSSI?