About RSSI Barriers

About RSSI Barriers

RSSI Barriers, a multi-million-dollar company headquartered in Panama City, Florida, is a leading designer and manufacturer of crash rated vehicle barriers, as well as the world’s most experienced supplier of 100% electric (non-hydraulic) barrier systems. Impeccable engineering and uncompromising build quality have earned RSSI Barriers the distinction and privilege of serving all branches of the US military, the Pentagon, Arlington National Cemetery, NASA, FAA, FBI, US Mints, Embassies, Federal Buildings, Dams, Refineries, Data Centers, Fortune 100 World Headquarters, and hundreds more.

RSSI Barriers provides electric, PLC-controlled solutions to critical security challenges around the world. To speak with a RSSI Barriers team member, call (850) 871-9300.

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6530 East Highway 22
Panama City, Florida 32404
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FAX: (850) 871-4300
(850) 871-9300

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