Final Denial Control

Final Denial Solutions

RSSI barriers provide a proven, tested and certified means of controlling the most vulnerable point in any perimeter security system—the point at which vehicles enter and exit. While not a new development, vehicle borne attacks have become an all too common tactic and are used by both criminals and terrorists. Our crash-rated barriers can quickly arrest a large vehicle traveling at high speed, and do so with minimal penetration and with the capability of defeating a follow-on attack.

Because all of our barriers are PLC controlled, they can be easily integrated into existing security systems and can be remotely monitored and operated via TCIP/IP networking.

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RSSI Advantages

  • Full PLC Integration
  • Manage Over TCP/IP
  • Futureproof
  • Dept. of State & ASTM Rated
  • Reliability Far Exceeding Hydraulic
  • Low Maintenance & TCO
  • Best Customer Support in the Industry

RSSI Solutions

  • Perimeter Defense / Final Denial
  • Traffic Management
  • Automated Access Control
  • Parking Control
  • Runway / Taxiway Control
  • Mobile / Hasty Defense
  • Piers and Port Facilities
  • Power Stations and Dams
  • Critical Infrastructure

Who Uses RSSI?